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How it works:

The subconscious is like a computer, it takes in input which then becomes part of your belief system.  With this tape you can be guided into a deep state of physical and mental relaxation.

Suggestions for the changes you desire will then enter your subconscious and become part of you.  The old programming which was keeping you from achieving your goals or which was causing a problem is released, allowing you to accomplish goals.

WARNING: Do not play this tape while driving an automobile or operating any machinery. 



As parents and teachers, we all want the children in our care to be successful and to make the most of the opportunities that they are given.  Their success is a result of the daily choices they make, both consciously and subconsciously.  Consciously, they may have to choose between finishing their homework assignment or playing with friends, or between listening to the teacher or letting themselves be distracted by another student.  Subconsciously, feelings such as low self-esteem may cause choices that result in poor academic performances and behavioral problems, both at school and at home.

KidsGetSmart.Com worked with parents, teachers and students to discover what issues are blocking the learning process and designed a motivational audio tape that specifically addresses these issues.  The tape works by utilizing relaxation techniques that are processed in the right brain and influence the child to make the "best choice" when faced with multiple choices or even to replace feelings of inadequacy with self-confidence in one's ability when they start to appear.

Simply play the tapes at least five consecutive days and then once a month for reinforcement.  By the fifth day, you will see the following changes in the child:

  • Increased self-esteem and motivation. 
  • Less "acting out" and negative behaviors such as constantly getting out of seat or inappropriate talking. 
  • Improved test scores and enhanced memory retention. 
  • Increased skill levels in reading, writing, spelling, math and critical thinking. 
  • Relief from anxiety and stress caused by parent and teacher demands and peer pressure. 

Get Smart Tapes will be expanding its line to include tapes on:

  • Study Habits - note taking, listening, homework, test taking
  • Get Smart Teachers - how to handle the stress of teaching
  • Get Smart Parents - how to listen and handle kids
  • Body Changes for Boys
  • Body Changes for Girls
  • Loss for Kids - Loss of a pet, parents, grandparents, classmates, teacher of friend