Experts Speak!

In today's fast paced world our children are being shortchanged. Children are not getting the attention and emotional support that they need because parents are busy with work and family responsibilities. Feelings of anger, low self esteem and a desire for immediate gratification cause our children to behave in negative ways. With the loss of family and community values, children of today need our help. Kids Get Smart has designed a tool to help children with the challenges they face.

Roberta Savitt Created this new way of Learning at the request of a teacher.  Her students had difficulty in paying attention.  They had peer group pressures, were acting out with negative behavior and were getting poor grades. She asked her students to list some of the problems that they felt were blocking the learning process. Some of their answers were: low self esteem, candy and sweets make them hyper, stress because of teacher demands and teacher put downs; personal problems at home, air conditioning too cold or too hot.  They were tired; peer group pressure, distractions, poor attendance, tardiness, bored, embarrassed to ask for help, parents don't take an interest, parents working, having to watch younger siblings, learning anxiety, fear of test taking, fear of failure, poor memory, trouble focusing, feeling no one cares.

The teacher added her input; children not coming prepared to class with little or no required materials, incomplete or no homework, unmotivated, no respect for the teacher, or other students, poor or short term memory, low self-esteem, poor eating habits, constantly talking, and children being out of their seat.

After all the research was completed, the results were reframed into positive suggestions, and put into a well written script with positive suggestions.  Relaxing music was then added. This cassette tape will relax the kids and change their perception of themselves by raising their self-esteem and dissolve the issues that have blocked their learning process.

The results have been amazing!