Parents and Teachers Speak.

I played the Get Smart Tape for three days and was amazed to see a difference in my first grade class consisting of twenty-four students.  Their behavior was improved in the classroom and also at recess.  They seemed to be calmer and quieter than usual.

Ms. S. Brennan
St. Helen School

My grateful thanks for the "Get Smart Tape".  I played it three consecutive nights and on the fourth day, I was amazed to hear my nine year old son announce he had done his homework, cleaned his room and bathroom and got the top grade in class for his behavior in school.  I highly recommend this tape for all school children.

Lyn Lampton
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I played the "Get Smart Tape" 3 days in a row to my class of adult disabled students and noticed they were more relaxed and attentive to learning.

They frequently requested that I play the tape again as they enjoyed it so much.

My grateful thanks for your tape.

Ruby Crane
Teacher of 20 years